Our Intent

 Our curriculum has been coherently planned and sequenced to ensure that each and every child can “live life in all its fullness” by offering ambitious, awe-inspiring learning experiences with Christian values at the heart of everything we do. We intend to provide broad and balanced learning experiences for our children that not only focus on specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum but also provide opportunities for children to develop the skills needed to prepare them for challenges beyond the classroom and for later life. We want our children to feel empowered in all aspects of their learning through "Faith, Respect, Courtesy and Endeavour "and aim to achieve this by encouraging our children to become;

  • Self managers

  • Effective participators

  • Resourceful thinkers

  • Reflective learners

  • Independent enquirers

  • Team workers

Our bespoke curriculum is constantly evolving in order to meet the unique needs and interests of all our children. We feel it is important for our children to develop both a sense of belonging within their own local community and develop a growing awareness of where they fit within the wider world by exploring a range of national and global issues.

We have identified a clear progression of skills within all aspects of the curriculum and are able to use this information to feel confident in understanding how our children learn, what our children already know and what they need next in order to be well prepared for the next stage of their learning journey. In addition to building secure relationships with our children, we value the importance of knowing the skills and expertise of our staff and use this information to work as a team in order to maximise the variety and quality of the learning experiences we provide.

We endeavour for all our children to leave Millfields C.E. Primary School equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to be prepared for whatever comes next in their life. In order to achieve this, we feel it is vital for children to have developed the strength of character and confidence needed to make decisions and a rich vocabulary in order to communicate and articulate their thinking. If our children are to succeed as life long learners, they will have no limits in their curiosity, thirst for knowledge and desire for new experiences.


We implement our curriculum through a range of theme based approaches which help us to teach and offer our children imaginative learning projects in which they can use and apply their knowledge and skills. However, some subjects and specific knowledge and skills are taught discreetly to ensure that the children progress throughout all key stages and are well rounded citizens with a range of skills for use in future life. Teachers have access to an extensive range of CPD and we use our staff skills to support each other in developing a progressive age appropriate curriculum. We evaluate our curriculum through rigorous evidence from pupil voice, questionnaires and through developing  'their' interests. We take into consideration local, national and global events and incorporate these into our curriculum. The curriculum is designed and delivered to allow pupils to use and transfer key knowledge and skills and commit these to long term memory as well as promoting the importance of good verbal communication skills with a vast range of vocabulary to exceed in any challenge.  At Millfields C.E. Primary School, the children receive many different challenges across the curriculum and are able to access a variety of enrichment activities. Educational visits and visitors are a key feature of the curriculum; the school subsidises a range of these to enrich the curriculum for all. Throughout all aspects of our teaching and learning, the teacher will consistently use a wide range of assessments as well as the children's prior learning to embed and deepen the children's learning.